Programme & Speakers


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Seminar sessions

Our seminar sessions follow three themes:

1: Business Competitiveness

A just energy transition should go beyond individual consumers and benefit businesses too.  How can the UK commercial sector thrive in a landscape where there are risks of ‘offshoring’ industry to higher carbon countries, where there is fierce competition for capital investment, and where their customers may not be as engaged as they wish?  The first session in this stream looks at international examples where organisations are responding to new market demands to deliver more astute services.  This will be followed after the break by our Dragons’ Den session, where real businesses compete for a real prize in front of real investors.

2: Engaging the Disengaged

Climate activism is now headline news.  Millions are engaging globally, wanting to add their voices to the urgent demands for action.  But what about those with quieter voices or who think it doesn’t apply to them?  Or businesses not traditionally known for eco-practices where making a difference is even harder?  The stream 2 sessions will first look to a sector often overlooked in our discussions – aviation – to see how they’re tackling the zero carbon energy transition head on.  We’ll then turn our attention to the domestic sector to find out how industry innovators are getting their customers to respond where interest seems low.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

3: Right thing, right place

Energy customers operate within a context.  Local factors – people, place, even the weather – affect what the best energy solution will be, particularly with regard to heat. This seminar stream looks at the importance of applying the right solution in the right place to get the best results for all involved, across domestic, public, commercial and industrial stakeholders.  These workshops explore how regional and local strategic planning, leadership and action can often deliver beyond national aspirations.